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Leader Resource 1: Three-Step Forgiveness Letter

Step One: Feeling Letter

Dear (person's name),

A) Anger. Write your feelings of anger. I am angry that... / I am furious... / I hate...

B) Sadness. Write your feelings of sadness. I am sad that...

C) Fear. Write your feelings of fear. I am afraid that...

D) Sorrow or regret. Write your feelings of lament. I am sorry that...

Signed, (your name)


Dear Pogo,

I am angry that you stole my pencil and tried to pretend the dog took it. It makes me feel like you don't respect me or my things. I thought you were my friend but you don't act like a friend. That makes me sad. I don't want to talk to you anymore.

Signed, Logo

Step Two: Response Letter

Dear (your name),

(Write their letter to you)

Signed, (person's name)


Dear Logo,

I am sorry I stole your pencil and I am sorry I lied and said it was the dog who took it. I really want you to be my friend, but I guess I need to act like a friend first. Please forgive me. I will do (insert solution) to make it up to you.

Signed, Pogo

Step Three: Forgiveness Letter

Dear (person's name),

(Write your letter)

Signed: (your name)


Dear Pogo,

I forgive you for taking my pencil and lying about it. Of course I want to be your friend. Let's agree to respect each other's things and tell the truth.

Signed, Logo

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