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Introduction, Session 9: Spirit Of Life (Canteen)

In "Toolbox of Faith," a Tapestry of Faith program

Spirit of Life, come unto me.

— Carolyn McDade

The spirit is really the bouquet of life. It is not something breathed into life, it comes out of life.

— Joseph Campbell in a conversation with Bill Moyers

The water and the water bottle symbolize the Spirit of Life. In this session, participants reflect on different ways our faith leads us to think about and connect with how the Spirit of Life works in our lives. Reflections may include how pain and hurt as well as joy and wonder can bring a sense of the Spirit of Life, when one may feel connected to everything. You will guide participants to explore the idea of the Spirit of Life as a part of everything —fluid and pervasive, like water.

For the Welcoming and Entering and Opening activities, you will need to fill large, shallow containers with water for participants to share.

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Last updated on Wednesday, October 26, 2011.

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