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Leader Resource 1: Duct Tape Lunch Bag Page 2

Step 6: To tape the sides, open your bag and stand it upright.

Step 7: Cover the sides with duct tape. Laying the tape vertically will help make the bag easy to fold. In addition, placing your hand in the bag will give you a solid surface, making the sides easier to cover. Trim off any excess tape.

Step 8: Cover the bottom of the bag with one strip torn into 2 6” strips, trimming off any excess tape.

The end result should be a duct tape lunch bag that folds flat after use with the original folds of the paper bag. Add tape or pen decorations, a handle, or whatever your imagination can think of.

From the Duck® Tape Club website; used with permission.
See other Duck® Tape Club projects, such as the Picture Frame, Bookmark, and Bracelet.

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Last updated on Thursday, October 17, 2013.

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