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Leader Resource 1: Duct Tape Lunch Bag

Leader Resource 1: Duct Tape Lunch Bag

Step 1: Lay your paper bag down on a flat surface with the bottom flap of the bag facing down.

Step 2: Rip several strips of duct tape. These will be used to cover the side that is facing up.

Step 3: Tape the front of the bag, overlapping each strip slightly. You can lay your strips horizontally, vertically or diagonally. Overlapping the strips will make the bag stronger and create a water-resistant seal. If a strip is slightly off, fix it later with a patch across the space, even as part of a decoration.

Step 4: Trim off excess tape, or fold it around the bag.

Step 5: Turn the bag over, making sure to fold down (or flip) the flap (bottom) of the bag to fit underneath the side you’ve just covered. Repeat steps two through four.

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