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Families (Toolbox of Faith)

The loving family unit, of whatever configuration, is the primary source of spiritual nurture in a child's life. For parents and/or caregivers to engage with the program in the family setting, it is vital for them to know the theme of each session and something of its content. Each session includes a Taking It Home section for the religious educator or leader to customize and share with families as a handout or e-mail. Taking It Home sections summarize each session's goals and describe stories, activities, and other aspects of the session to provide background for family conversations and activities at home.

Here's the usual conversation, oft repeated in religious education programs everywhere:

Parent: What did you do today?

Child: Nothing.

Parent: Did you have fun?

Child: Yeah.

Parent: (pause) Oh, ummm . . . fine.

With Taking It Home, a parent will have enough details to ask an engaging question such as, "What did you think about the Cellist of Sarajevo story today?" Or, "How do you play Cloaks and Daggers?" Or, "Do you remember the story of Aunt Kim who protested at the Pentagon?" In this way, parents and children may learn from each other.

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Last updated on Wednesday, October 26, 2011.

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