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Introduction, Session Seeing Others with Awe: Seeing Others with Awe

In "Moral Tales," a Tapestry of Faith program

To enter into the presence of another human being ... is to enter into the presence of God in a new and different way. — Stephen L. Carter

Drawing upon the first Unitarian Universalist Principle, which affirms the inherent worth and dignity of all people, this session rests on the idea that goodness and justice require more than tolerance of diversity. Children are given guidance to actively embrace differences as they learn to see others — indeed, all living beings — with awe.

In traditional religious terms, as stated in the quotation from Stephen L. Carter's Civility, we bring awe to that of God in every living being. A non-theist might bring awe to the Spirit of Life, the "inner light" or simply the uniqueness in every person.

"Respect" is added to the Moral Compass in this session. When we see another with awe, our respect for him/her is activated. Justice and goodness will surely follow.

The activities in this session require a certain amount of trust among the group, as well as prior acquaintance. This session should not be moved to an earlier place in the curriculum, unless the group is already well established. This session will benefit from the inclusion of at least one, additional adult volunteer who knows the children. This will help the group build sincere, authentic affirmations in Activity 5, the affirmation portraits exercise.

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Last updated on Thursday, October 27, 2011.

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