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Leader Resource 1 Parrots For Pennies Letter To Parents

Dear Parents,
As part of our session on Perseverance, the children started a new Faith in
Action project today.

Faith in Action projects help us to practice the skills and virtues we are learning
about. The children heard a story about a small parrot that kept flying back and
forth to a river and then over a forest fire, shaking the water from its wings over
the flames, until it caught the attention of a greater creature that was so moved
by the parrot's determination that its tears put out the fire.

This project is called Parrots for Pennies. This project involves working together
to raise money by helping to get a large plastic jug filled with coins to give to a
cause that the children have chosen. It is not expected that each child will add
many coins to the jug, but that they will all keep working to inspire others to help
until the jar is full.

The children thought of various ways to help fill the jar. Ask your child to share
some of these ideas with you. Perhaps your family could put a cup on the table
and fill it with pocket change all week. Maybe you can brainstorm some creative
ways to raise money to add to the jar.

The children may wish to hold a bake sale on (day, date) to raise money to fill the
Parrots for Pennies jar. If you would like to participate by providing baked goods
the children can sell at coffee hour, please let us know what you will bring, and
deliver your baked goods to the congregation's coffee hour room before worship
on that day.

This is a volunteer activity and you and your children are under no pressure to
contribute or participate. If you have any questions please feel free to contact
one of us.

Yours in Faith,

(Co-leader names and contact information)

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