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Leaders (Moral Tales)

A team of two or more adults should lead the Moral Tales program. Having two leaders present at all times helps assure child safety and optimum conditions for learning. While one leader implements an activity, the other can focus on logistics and children's engagement, behavior, and safety. A collaborative teaching style would be preferred, as some Moral Tales discussions and participatory storytelling activities will best be run by two adults. It may be useful for one person on the leadership team to take primary responsibility for the Faith in Action activities, most of which occur primarily outside regularly scheduled session time.

Ideally, co-leaders will be individuals familiar with Unitarian Universalist beliefs who have attempted, as adults, to intentionally translate those beliefs into lifestyles that reflect a quest for goodness and justice. It will be helpful if leaders are comfortable talking about morality with children. Leaders should be able to take a stand for particular virtues while acknowledging and accepting theological diversity within a discussion and within the group. Flexibility of thought along with moral integrity are important.

Several sessions call for the group to participate in the life of the congregation, for example, by participating in worship or in an outreach program. It will be helpful if your leadership includes at least one congregational member who is familiar with the rituals of the congregation.

Finally, the leaders of Moral Tales should enjoy stories. Ideally, leaders will be comfortable telling, rather than reading, the stories, although that is certainly not a requirement for effective learning to take place.

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Last updated on Thursday, October 27, 2011.

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