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Taking It Home

Taking It Home
Taking It Home

it starts when you say We

and know who you mean, and each

day you mean one more. — Marge Piercy

IN TODAY'S SESSION... the children learned how members of the First Universalist Church of Denver, Colorado and the UUA's Standing on the Side of Love campaign engaged UUs across the country in the fight to allow Raul Cardenas, an undocumented immigrant, to stay with his family. We played games that explored what it means for a message to "go viral" and what it feels like to exclude or include people. We worked on creating a petition that we hope will involve many people in a cause we feel is important.

EXPLORE THE TOPIC TOGETHER. How does your family connect with the experience of immigration? When did you or your ancestors arrive here? How were they welcomed (or not)? How difficult was it to become a citizen? Did immigrants in your family follow all the rules, or were some elements of their immigration story outside the law?

FAMILY GAME. We played two versions of tag today. In the first version, one person tries to tag every member of the group. In the second version, once a person is tagged they then try to tag others. Try these two versions of tag as a way of exploring how much quicker and easier it is to make change in the world when we draw as many people as possible into our efforts.

FAMILY ADVENTURE. Go to a place in your area where the predominant culture is that of immigrants. For instance, you might visit an ethnic neighborhood, an ethnic grocery store, an ethnic house of worship or a community fair that honors a particular nationality. Notice how it feels to be among many people whose language, foods or other traditions differ from yours. What do you enjoy about the experience? What is uncomfortable?

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