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Families (Sing to the Power)

The loving family unit, of whatever configuration, is the primary source of spiritual nurture and religious education in a child's life. The religious education children experience in Sing to the Power is enhanced by involvement of parents or caregivers. Each session includes a Taking It Home section for you to download, customize, and share with families as a handout or email.

Taking It Home summarizes the session's content and provides questions and activities to stimulate family conversations and extension activities at home. With Taking It Home, a parent will have enough details to ask an engaging question, for example: "How do immigration laws affect people you know?" or, "What can we do as a family to reduce our carbon footprint?" Taking It Home also invites parents to share their own life experiences and wisdom with their children, for example, through a personal story about a time the parent stood up to bullying or injustice. Taking it Home also offers ideas for games, rituals, and other activities for the family.

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Last updated on Thursday, August 16, 2012.

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