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Activity 3: Flower Making (15 minutes), Session 7: Love Surrounds Us in Ritual

In "Love Surrounds Us," a Tapestry of Faith program

Materials for Activity

  • Sheets of tissue paper in multiple colors
  • Green chenille pipe cleaners

Preparation for Activity

  • Cut the tissue paper into 5x7-inch rectangles, enough for each child to have at least five.
  • Arrange tissue paper rectangles and chenille for children to share at work tables.
  • If you have not made tissue paper flowers before, make a sample to learn how.

Description of Activity

Tell the children they will make paper flowers for one another. Say:

We will use the flowers in a flower ceremony. Then, everyone will go home with a flower that was made by one of their friends.

Have each child choose five pieces of pre-cut tissue paper. Demonstrate (and help, as needed):

1. Stack the rectangles in one pile, all going the same direction.

2. Accordion-pleat the tissue paper, working from the long side.

3. Wind one end of the chenille "stem" around the center of the accordion-pleated tissue papers. Allow the end of the "stem" to hang.

4. Gently separate each layer of tissue paper pulling upwards toward the middle of the flower.

If desired, bend another piece of chenille into a leaf shape and wrap it around the stem.

Including All Participants

Some participants may need help stacking their tissue papers and/or folding them into accordions. Tying the chenille stems and gently pulling the "petal" out may require adult supervision and assistance.

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Last updated on Monday, October 20, 2014.

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