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Alternate Activity 3: Hide and Go Seek

Alternate Activity 3: Hide and Go Seek
Alternate Activity 3: Hide and Go Seek

Activity time: 15 minutes

Preparation for Activity

  • Plan to bring the group to a location that offers good hiding places.

Description of Activity

This activity offers high energy children an opportunity for movement.

Play the classic children's game, Hide and Go Seek. Designate one child is the seeker who counts to 100 while the other children hide. The seeker then attempts to find the other children. Encourage each child who is found to help the seeker find the remaining hidden children until all have been found.

Play one round of this game. Then gather in a circle to discuss these questions:

  • What does it feel like when you are hiding? When you are seeking?
  • What do you suppose it would be like if you knew that the person who was seeking you would punish you?
  • How do you suppose it would be different if you were the seeker and you knew you would be paid a lot of money for each person that you found?
  • If you knew someone was being chased and chasing them was not fair, how could you help them hide?

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