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Alternate Activity 2: UU Source Constellation — Our UU Faith Heritage (10 minutes), Session 14: Love Builds Trust

In "Love Will Guide Us," a Tapestry of Faith program

Materials for Activity

Preparation for Activity

  • Review this activity. Plan how to incorporate it into the session Opening.
  • Purchase gold and silver star stickers.
  • Print out Handout 1, UU Source Constellation — Our Unitarian Universalist Faith Heritage for all participants plus one extra.
  • Print out Leader Resource 1, UU Source Constellation Answer Sheet — Our Unitarian Universalist Faith Heritage
  • Using Leader Resource 1 as a guide, on one copy of the handout use star stickers to mark the chalice: Place gold star stickers on the outlined stars and silver star stickers on the solid stars. Do not connect the gold stars. Post the constellation on the Night Sky along with the Big Dipper and North Star.

Description of Activity

Use this activity with your Opening to add additional Source constellations to your Night Sky.

Tell the children:

Our Sources are the way we are guided as Unitarian Universalists to help us live our faith.

Ask the children if they remember (or know) what a "source" is. Allow a moment for responses. Then, explain that the definition of source you are looking for has to do with origin, or beginning.

Distribute the UU Source Constellation handout. Say, in your own words:

Today we are talking about our seventh Source, the examples we can learn from of people and communities who were Unitarians, Universalists, and Unitarian Universalists before us—our faith heritage from UUs from long ago and now who were guided by love. Their beliefs and their actions can show us how to let love guide us. This Source is symbolized by our UU symbol, a chalice.

Give children time to look for the chalice. As children find it, let them show you by tracing with a finger on their own handouts.

Distribute gold and silver stars. Have children stick gold stars on the outlined stars and silver stars on the solid stars on their handouts. Then, invite them to pencil the chalice by connecting the gold stars.

While they are working, ask children if they know of any Unitarian Universalists who have made a big difference in their lives or in a larger way for people around the world. You might say:

I bet you do know about some Unitarian Universalists who have made a big difference. One was Beatrix Potter, who wrote all the wonderful stories about Peter Rabbit. Another was Fannie Farmer; she wrote a recipe book that showed how to cook something so it tastes the same each time, by using measurements. One was Charles Darwin. Who knows why we remember Charles Darwin?

They all had something to share, guided by love. When we remember them, that can help us live guided by love, too. We are proud they are part of our UU faith heritage.

Tell them they may take home their own UU Faith Heritage constellations.

Light the chalice.

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Last updated on Thursday, October 27, 2011.

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