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Alternate Activity 4: Group Ties

Alternate Activity 4: Group Ties
Alternate Activity 4: Group Ties

Activity time: 10 minutes

Materials for Activity

  • Yarn, in different colors

Preparation for Activity

  • Calculate how many colors of yarn you will need. Ideally, the group has enough children to form at least three groups of three to five. Each group will need its own color of yarn.
  • Cut 12-inch lengths of yarn for all participants, so you can give each child one length of yarn and each group will have its own color.

Description of Activity

Give everyone a length of yarn and ask them to hold it up. Say:

As you see someone holding up the same color, go and tie two of your ends together to make a longer length. As you find your whole group, you will form a line. Each person should keep holding part of the yarn.

Give the children time to tie up in color groups. Then, call out (for example) "Blues, tie to Reds." Direct two children at the ends to tie their two lines together.

Keep joining groups until everyone is standing in a circle together, each child still holding part of the yarn.

Explain that the circle of yarn represents a way they, too, are connected through their time together, and yet we are different (diverse) just like the different colored yarns. Ask:

  • What are ways we are different?
  • What are ways we are the same?
  • What are examples of community (or teamwork) we observed today? What are some ways people tried to include everyone?

When everyone has had a chance to share, go around the circle with scissors. Cut a length for each child by cutting between the knots, so each length includes two colors of yarn tied together. Invite children to tie their lengths on their wrists as a reminder of their time together.

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