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Activity 1: Kith Kith

Activity 1: Kith Kith
Activity 1: Kith Kith

Activity time: 15 minutes

Materials for Activity

  • Masking tape or (for outdoor game) chalk
  • Disk(s) - a plastic lid, such as from a hummus or yogurt container

Preparation for Activity

  • Using the masking tape or chalk, draw an eight-square grid (two columns, four rows). Number each square. Start at the bottom left and number upward (1-4), then number down the right side (5-8).
  • If you have a large group, tape or draw more grids. Three or four is a good number of children to play together.
  • Be ready to suggest an order in which children will take turns, such as alphabetical, by first name? By height, shortest first?

Description of Activity

Played in the streets of India, Kith Kith is a game similar to hopscotch. If you are familiar with the traditional hopscotch game, you will notice differences, primarily the use of a round disk instead of a stone.

Say, in your own words:

We're going to play a well known game from India called kith kith. Kith kith means "one two houses." When Reverend Margaret Barr was gathering students for her school, kith kith would have been a common game among the children.

Explain: One person at a time plays. The disk (a plastic lid) is tossed into square one. The player jumps into the square, lands on one foot, and, bending down, touches the disk. Still standing on one foot, the player uses the other foot to tap or kick the disk into the next consecutive square. The player is out if:

  • The player kicks the disk without touching it
  • The player steps onto a line
  • The disk touches any line
  • The disk is kicked into the wrong square.

The player then moves to the back of the line and, when it comes time for a second turn resumes in the square where they left off. The child who completes all the squares first is the winner.

Follow up with these questions:

  • Did some of you find this game difficult?
  • Have you ever played a game like this before?
  • What does Kith Kith remind you of? (Hopscotch) How is it different from hopscotch? How it is the same?

Including All Participants

If any participants have mobility challenges, use an alternate activity.

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