Once upon a time, in a land to the east, a Dervish holy man and his student were walking from one village to the next. Suddenly they saw a great huge cloud of dust rising in the distance. They stood and stared at a grand carriage, pulled by six horses approaching at a full gallop. Riding on top were two liveries dressed in red, each holding a rein. The Dervish and the young student soon realized that the carriage was not going to slow down, let alone veer to the side to avoid hitting them. The carriage was coming at such a speed that they had to throw themselves from the road and jump into a ditch to save themselves. Covered with dirt and grass, the two men got up. They looked after the carriage as it sped away into the distance.

The student was first to respond. He began to call out and curse the drivers. But the teacher ran ahead of him, cupped his hands over his mouth, and called to the carriage: "May all of your deepest desires be satisfied!"

The student stared at his teacher and asked, "Why would you wish that their deepest desires be satisfied? Those men nearly killed us!"

The old Dervish replied, "Do you think all their deepest desires are satisfied? If they were happy, would they be so thoughtless and cruel as to nearly run down an old man and his student?"

The younger man had no answer, for he was deep in thought. And so, in silence, the two continued their journey down the dusty road.

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