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Families (Love Connects Us)

The loving family unit, of whatever configuration, is the primary source of spiritual nurture and religious education in a child's life. The religious education children experience in Love Connects Us will be enhanced by involvement of parents or caregivers. To help, each session includes Taking It Home for you to download, customize, and share with families as a handout or email.

Taking It Home summarizes the session's content and provides questions and activities to stimulate family conversations and extension activities. With Taking It Home, a parent will have enough details to ask an engaging question, such as "What experiments with air did you do today?" or "What did you think about Elizabeth Blackwell's determination to become a doctor against all the odds?" Taking It Home guides parents to share their own life experiences and wisdom with their children, and to draw out their children's feelings and observations. For example, families are encouraged to share about ideas each person used to think were true and to tell how they gained a new perspective, or to talk about some ways they each feel love is stronger when it is given away. Taking It Home also suggests games, activities, excursions, and/or rituals parents can do with their children, related to the session.

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Last updated on Thursday, October 27, 2011.

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