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Introduction, Session 9: Ask Questions

In "Faithful Journeys," a Tapestry of Faith program

You have to have an alertness to deal with the unexpected. The history of science is filled with almost-made discoveries, missed by a hairline because ... [someone] didn't have the alertness to realize they had a discovery. — Clyde Tombaugh, astronomer, 1906-1997

Our faith not only allows but also supports us to question, to seek answers, and to reevaluate our answers by posing new questions. To explore our fourth Unitarian Universalist Principle, a free and responsible search for truth and meaning, this session draws particularly on our fifth Source, humanist teachings that counsel us to heed the guidance of reason and the results of science. We demonstrate that the search for truth and meaning is an ongoing quest. The children learn about Clyde Tombaugh, the Unitarian Universalist man who discovered Pluto, and the decision in 2006 to change Pluto's status from planet to dwarf planet. The children will experience the relative scale of the planets in an activity with modeling dough. We will add the signpost "Ask Questions" to our Faithful Journeys Path.

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Last updated on Thursday, October 27, 2011.

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