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Yoga for Kids

The website Radiant Yoga for All Kids offers guidance to help children "stretch and strengthen while promoting balance, coordination, the ability to concentrate and an increase in vitality through energetic practice." The site also provides resources for yoga and meditation with adults and youth.

About Sophia Lyon Fahs

Sophia Lyon Fahs was a religious educator who came to embrace liberal principles of education and applied them to religious education, creating a kind of religious education that relied more on tapping into a child's native sense of awe and wonder than teaching a "correct" dogma. Find biographical information about Fahs by Edith Hunter on the Harvard Square Library website, and in a 2003 UU World article.

In a 2007 sermon, "For So the Children Come: The Legacy of Sophia Lyon Fahs ," Rev. Rod Richards relates Fahs' religious education approaches to the fourth Principle, our search for truth and meaning.

A chapter by Lucinda A. Nolan in a 2006 book published by Springer Nederlands is "It Takes More than Angels: the Legacy of Sophia Lyon Fahs to Religious Education"; preview the chapter online.

Books by Sophia Lyon Fahs

Of many books by Fahs, this one in particular offers stories and teaching approaches for a twenty-first-century Unitarian Universalist religious education program: From Long Ago and Many Lands: Stories for Children Told Anew, illustrated by Cyrus LeRoy Baldridge (Boston: Skinner House Books, 1948, reprinted 1995). These stories from religions around the world demonstrate Fahs' broad view of religion and, even so many years later, suggest fresh, enjoyable ways for children to learn core faith values from the world's religions.

Fahs explains in detail her philosophy of religious education in Today's Children and Yesterday's Heritage: A Philosophy of Children's Religious Development (Boston: Beacon Press, 1952).

John Dewey and Educational Philosophy

Fahs was greatly influenced by educational philosophies of John Dewey.

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Last updated on Friday, November 7, 2014.

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