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Leader Reflection and Planning

Take a few minutes to evaluate the session with your co-leader immediately afterward, while it is fresh. Share your thoughts with any other team co-leaders and your director of religious education. You might find it helpful to consider these questions:

  • Which activities worked well? What did not work so well?
  • Were all children actively engaged? If not, who was not and why might that have been? How could they be better included next time?
  • How well did the activities match the learning styles of the children in this group? What can we do differently to better accommodate different learning styles in future sessions?
  • How well did the session balance physically active with sedentary activities?
  • How was the timing? What might be done differently for a session to work better in our time frame?
  • Were there any behavior issues? If so, how can we address them in the future? Do we need more information or help in this area?
  • What connections did children make with the activities and/or central ideas? How did we know that was occurring?
  • What connections did children make with each other? What connections did we make with the children? When was that most evident?
  • Are we successfully creating a program characterized by inclusion, diversity appreciation, respect, a noncompetitive environment, and welcome? What might we like to do differently?
  • What questions or issues arose in this session that we might like to discuss with our director of religious education?

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