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Alternate Activity 1: Your Favorite Unitarian Universalist Ancestor (15 minutes), Session 9: Our Ancestral Home

In "Creating Home," a Tapestry of Faith program

Materials for Activity

  • An empty box with a cover
  • Items to fill the box

Preparation for Activity

  • Using Activity 3: Meet Your Unitarian Universalist Ancestors as a guide, fill the box with items to represent the legacy of a Unitarian Universalist whose life and accomplishments interest you.
  • If you have not done Activity 3: Meet Your Unitarian Universalist Ancestors, find ideas and inspiration for creating a legacy box in the activity description and on Leader Resource 1, Unitarian Universalist Ancestor Boxes.

Description of Activity

Here is an opportunity to share something significant to you with the group. Introduce the children to a Unitarian Universalist faith ancestor with whom you feel a personal connection. Use the box activity described in Activity 3: Meet Your Unitarian Universalist Ancestors to share information about another Unitarian Universalist life and legacy.

Gather the group and provide a brief description of the person you wish to introduce. Pass around the legacy box you have made. Invite children to ask questions about the person, and answer those that you can.

Of course, you may use another activity. For instance, if you own a piece of Wedgwood, you might prepare a five-minute talk about Josiah Wedgwood and show the group your Wedgwood piece and pictures from the internet or books. You might ask a potter from the congregation to give a pottery demonstration.

If the group has done Activity 4: Honoring Our Unitarian Universalist Ancestors, add to the altar an item that represents this additional ancestor.

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Last updated on Friday, May 17, 2013.

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