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Activity 2: Story - The Farmer's Legacy

Activity time: 8 minutes

Materials for Activity

Preparation for Activity

  • Review, download, and print out the story, "The Farmer's Legacy"

Description of Activity

Gather the children in a circle so they may sit comfortably and hear you tell the story. You may say, in your own words:

Here is a story about one family's legacy. After I tell you this story, I am going to ask you what kind of legacy the farmer left for his children. So, listen carefully to figure out what the legacy might be.

Read aloud or tell the story, "The Farmer's Legacy." When you have finished, ask the group what the legacy was. Help the children understand that the legacy was more than the fields. By leaving the fields for his children to farm, the old farmer made sure they would have good food and a reason and a place to stay together as a family.

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