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Activity 5: Circle Round the Chalice (5 minutes), Session 2: Symbols of Faith

In "Creating Home," a Tapestry of Faith program

Preparation for Activity

  • Make sure you know the tune for either: "London Bridge Is Falling Down" or "Go Round and Round the Village."

Description of Activity

An active singing game helps children experience the connectedness symbolized by the flaming chalice and overlapping circles. Invite participants to stand in a circle and hold hands. Choose one child to sit in the middle of the circle; tell the group that he/she is going to be a symbol of the chalice.

Lead the group in singing one of these short songs. If you prefer the tune to "London Bridge Is Falling Down," teach the group to sing:

Round the chalice we will go,

We will go, we will go.

Round the chalice we will go.

Bound by love.

If you prefer the tune to "Go Round and Round the Village," teach the group to sing:

Go round and round the chalice.

Go round and round the chalice.

Go round and round the chalice.

Our circle has no end.

Direct the participants in the circle to travel counterclockwise around the "chalice" as they sing. Tell them that on the last word of the song, all participants who are walking should quickly sit down. Then, let the "chalice" choose a new participant to sit in the middle.

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Last updated on Friday, May 17, 2013.

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