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Activity 3: Story - The Memory Table

Activity time: 10 minutes

Materials for Activity

Preparation for Activity

  • Review, download, and print out story, "The Memory Table."
  • Practice reading the story aloud to ensure you can present it effectively to your group.

Description of Activity

Gather participants in a circle where they can sit comfortably and hear you tell the story, "The Memory Table."

Pause at the conclusion. Ask the group, "How can a table hold memories? How can it be that Steven's family table brings with it many wonderful memories that go where the table goes?" Allow several responses.

Then, ask the children if any of them have a piece of furniture or a special object at their homes that holds good memories for the family. Suggest a kitchen table, like Steven's in the story, a candle stick, or a couch everyone likes to jump on. Whatever items children mention, thank them for their contributions and affirm the positive place of memories in the home.

Including All Participants

Be aware of participants who may need to sit close to you in order to hear well or to focus their attention as you read aloud.

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