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Activity 1: Story - The Empty Pot

Activity time: 5 minutes

Materials for Activity

Preparation for Activity

  • Download, and print out story, "The Empty Pot." Review the story and prepare to tell it, rather than read it, to the group.

Description of Activity

The story of Chen will help children see that no matter what they have to offer, their gifts and talents enrich the lives of others when honestly, lovingly shared. Gather the children. Tell the story, "The Empty Pot."

When you have finished, guide the group to identify Chen's gifts. You may ask:

  • Who can think of some lovely, special things about Chen that he showed in the story?

Allow responses, which might include a love of gardening, love of family, perseverance, faith in himself, and honesty.

Then ask:

  • Why did the Emperor pick Chen for the important job of ruling the land? Do you think Chen turned out to be pretty good at that job? Why?

Help the children discuss why Chen's traits would have fit the Emperor's idea of desirable qualities for a ruler.

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