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Alternate Activity 3: Making a Magic Vase

Alternate Activity 3: Making a Magic Vase
Alternate Activity 3: Making a Magic Vase

Activity time: 15 minutes

Materials for Activity

  • Clay or modeling dough in different colors

Preparation for Activity

  • In the Resources section, under "Leader Resources," find a recipe for homemade modeling dough and web links to more recipes and directions for forming a pinch pot.

Description of Activity

Participants will love to take a magic vase home. Making a vase reinforces the story and strengthens the connection between participants' faith home and family homes.

Allow children to experiment with the clay or modeling dough.

Show the children how to make a pinch pot vase: Form an oval of clay about the size of a small eggplant. Press your thumbs into the center while rotating the pot with your fingers on the outside of the pot. Continue to rotate the pot, molding with thumbs and fingers to build up the vase while keeping the sides a uniform thickness.

Children may take home their vases. Encourage them to use their vases to beautify their homes. Remind them that these vases can hold real, dried flowers, but will not hold water.

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