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Activity time: 10 minutes

Materials for Activity

  • Conundrum Corner poster/banner
  • A cardboard sword
  • Chalice and matches
  • Recording of "Amazing Grace" and music player
  • Optional: Newsprint, markers and tape
  • Optional: Nametags and markers
  • Optional: Decorative cloth for Conundrum Corner

Preparation for Activity

  • Cut a large sword shape from cardboard. Decorate the hilt. Place it on display in the Conundrum Corner.
  • Have your recording of "Amazing Grace" ready to play.
  • Write chalice-lighting words on newsprint, and post.
  • Optional: Prepare and post an agenda of the day's activities.

Description of Activity

This activity gathers the group for the day's opening rituals: a chalice lighting, a moment of focusing silence, and a moment of sharing.

Play "Amazing Grace" while participants gather. Use any version you like, bagpipe, voice, or another. As participants enter, greet them. If you have newcomers, greet them warmly and be sure they know others in the room. Give them nametags if others have them. Ask newcomers and old timers alike to look at the Conundrum Corner, but do not say anything more about it. In answer to any questions about it, say you will be talking about it later.

Stop the music, or reduce the volume to a very low background level.

Light the chalice, or let a youth do so, and speak these words (asking the group to join you if you have posted them):

Let the light of this chalice shine through all the universe so we may see beyond ourselves.

Ask the group to be silent for a moment as they reflect on the opening words and settle in for the session. End the silence by saying "blessed be," or other appropriate words.

If you did Faith in Action in Session 2, remind the youth of the string promises, and ask whether they were successful keeping those promises. Give youth a chance to talk about their experiences, but do not push them to do so or ask for details.

Say that the title of this session is "Being Good, Being Bad."

Extinguish the chalice without ceremony and move the chalice table aside as necessary to allow movement in the room.

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