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Implementation (Amazing Grace)

Every congregation has its own approach to structuring religious education. You can implement Amazing Grace with any model your congregation uses.

As a leader, you will choose the combination of activities for each session. You know best how to shape the program to fit your congregation's religious education model, the culture of your congregation, the youth in the group, and the time and space allocated for each session.

Do not feel limited to the adaptive and alternate ideas included in Amazing Grace. Add your own to the mix. Do what is best for the youth in your program.

You may not have much choice of a space to use for Amazing Grace. If you do, look for a room that is large enough to accommodate your group and its activities comfortably. Ideally, your youth will be able to move actively without overly worrying about damaging fancy congregational furniture. Also ideally, the space will be free enough from other uses so you can leave posters and youth creations on display from session to session.

Some activities ask the group to break into small groups. If your group is already small, adapt the activity for the whole group. Conversely, if you have a large group, consider adapting activities that involve sharing into small group activities to save time.

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Last updated on Wednesday, October 26, 2011.

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