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Goals (Amazing Grace)

This program includes goals shared with all Tapestry of Faith programs:

  • Ethical development
  • Spiritual development
  • Unitarian Universalist identity
  • Faith development

It also includes goals specific to Amazing Grace: Exploring Right and Wrong:

  • Exploring right and wrong
  • Understanding concepts connected to ethics, such as morality, virtue, sin, salvation, heaven, hell, redemption, forgiveness, guilt, and integrity
  • Experiencing spirituality
  • Appreciating Unitarian Universalist approaches to faith, morality, and social justice
  • Expressing and living faith through action

Specific to the four session blocks:

Sessions 1 through 4, which focus on faith development:

  • Exploring temptation, curiosity, conscience, and the Golden Rule

Sessions 5 through 8, which focus on Unitarian Universalist identity:

  • Exploring Unitarian Universalist ideas about virtue and sin, right and wrong; accepting consequences; punishment; salvation; calling; and social justice

Sessions 9 through 12, which focus on spiritual development:

  • Exploring spirituality, internal conflict, forgiveness, meditation, situational ethics, conscience, and soul

Sessions 13 through 16, which focus on ethical development:

  • Exploring character, universal love, social action, and values

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Last updated on Wednesday, October 26, 2011.

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