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HANDOUT 3 Faithify and Other Crowd-funding Models

Several years ago, Mass Bay-Clara Barton District Executive Rev. Sue Phillips heard our UUA’s Chief Operating Officer Rev. Harlan Limpert lift up Apple’s iTunes store as an example of the role our UUA could play in the future – providing the architecture, platform, and basic rules for the wider community to share and “sell” ideas.

Meanwhile, crowdfunding – using the internet to attract funding for commercial and nonprofit projects from countless individuals – and crowdsourcing – using the internet to engage an almost limitless number of people to share ideas and services – have become global phenomena.  At the same time, Congregations & Beyond – our UUA’s initiative to lower congregational walls and recognize UU ministries outside of congregations – has captured the imagination of our movement’s most creative and entrepreneurial thinkers.

Many folks throughout our movement began dreaming of a UU crowdfunding platform, and while the project is being hosted by the Mass Bay District, Faithify is the result of lots of imagination, goodwill, and passionate excitement from a wide array of people. The Rev. Sue Phillips, New England's Regional Lead shared, "This is the future of Unitarian Universalism. This is synergy at work. We are about to launch the only denominationally funded crowd-funding platform, that we know of, in the world."

The Faithify website allows users to browse and follow projects, share them with their networks, and fund those they wish to support. It bridges geographic and generational boundaries by using 21st century technologies to connect passionate innovators with funders excited by the projects. The overall aim of Faithify is to ignite new ministries in new venues, formats, and communities as well as offer a place of renewal through deeper connection and impact to our faith.


Explore other crowd-funding websites:

  • Kickstarter ( Primarily creative projects including large-scale ones and those with well-known sponsors.
  • Razoo ( Focus on non-profit fundraising, includes group and matching fund capabilities.
  • GoFundMe ( Emphasizes personal causes and life events.
  • Indiegogo ( Special accommodations for non-profits.

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