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How aware are you of your attitudes and practices regarding investment? Reflect on these questions. Make time to share with your co-facilitator before the workshop:

  • What personal experience, if any, do you have with investing?
  • How comfortable are you with the idea that investment is a way to use your financial resources to create possibilities for the future, for yourself and for the individual or entity in which you invest?
  • How does your comfort or discomfort with uncertainty influence your financial decisions?
  • How has your personal experience with investing money affected your decisions about whether or how to invest money?
  • How have your investment decisions to date aligned with your values and aspirations?
  • What is the difference to you practically and spiritually between money earned through work and money earned through investing?
  • What are the spiritual aspects of investing, for you? Does investing connect you with a deeper meaning or value? With other people and communities? Should it?

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