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LEADER RESOURCE 1: The WiSdom Path: Program Overview

  • Workshops 1 - 3, Money and Self, build awareness of and explore our own attitudes and experiences with money.
    • Workshop 1, Talking about Money. What is money and why is it important?
    • Workshop 2, The Meaning of Money in Our Lives. Telling our personal money stories to one other.
    • Workshop 3, Cultural Lessons about Money and Wealth. Teasing apart the lessons about virtue that we have been taught, intentionally or otherwise.
  • Workshops 4 - 7, Money and Society, explore how our financial ways of being affect one another.
    • Workshop 4, The Many Meanings of Money. Exploring the way money flows and functions within our primary social units and in our congregational lives.
    • Workshop 5, Money and Society. Understanding how people in different socio-economic strata access resources and how these constraints shape one's understanding of the world; entering an ongoing process of accepting the fact and responsibilities of relative privilege.
    • Workshop 6, A Network of Mutuality. Exploring the effects of individual and collective fiscal decisions on the larger communities of today and tomorrow.
    • Workshop 7, Imagining a Transformed World. Seeing the sparks around us of systems working differently, stories of successes in connecting people across boundaries in new ways.
  • Workshops 8 - 12, Money, Spirit and Life, guide participants toward actions that align one's faith, values, and sense of life calling with financial ways of being.
    • Workshop 8, Faithful Earning. Making money with spirit! Making money meaningful by connecting its earning to honest labor and a sense of vocation.
    • Workshop 9, Faithful Spending: Using money with spirit! Putting money to use by enjoying the gifts of the world while seeing and responding to unintended consequences.
    • Workshop 10, Faithful Giving. Sharing what we have with spirit! Finding the space for deep and sustained generosity and overcoming internal and external impediments to practice.
    • Workshop 11, Faithful Investing. Putting money to work with spirit! Using capital in alignment with our values and objectives.
    • Workshop 12, Spiritual Practices in the Material World. Bringing all we've learned together to make a practical plan for transforming our living.

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Last updated on Wednesday, October 29, 2014.

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