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Introduction, Workshop 1: Talking about Money

In "The Wi$dom Path: Money, Spirit, and Life," a Tapestry of Faith program

The importance of money flows from it being a link between the present and the future. — John Maynard Keynes, British economist (1883-1946)

The Wi$dom Path program taps a willingness to develop a greater awareness of one's past experiences and behaviors with regard to money and one's feelings and values associated with that history. This workshop begins the exploration by asking: Why is it important to talk about money? Participants think about the meaning of money and the ways one's personal money issues can be a factor in living a fulfilling life. They consider the variety and complexity of individual and social dimensions of our relationships with money. Participants develop a productive way of being together to explore money issues. They begin to develop an intellectual framework for subsequent learning and a crucial emotional foundation on which to continue individual and interpersonal reflective work.

Before leading this workshop, review the accessibility guidelines in the program Introduction under Integrating All Participants.

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Last updated on Friday, November 22, 2013.

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