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Activity time: 15 minutes

Materials for Activity

Preparation for Activity

  • Copy Handout 3 for all participants and co-facilitators who will be present for Workshop 2, The Meaning of Money in Our Lives.
  • Locate and review Reading 684 in Singing the Living Tradition.
  • Optional: Make enough copies of Handout 2 so participants who wish to can take it home.

Description of Activity

Distribute Handout 3 and say:

At the next workshop, you will be invited to share some of your personal money story.

Invite participants to take a moment to read the instructions on the handout. Answer any questions. Emphasize that the structure of their autobiography and which story from it they will share aloud are up to them. Suggest participants may wish to use the personal reflections in Handout 2, Money Stories, as models for developing their financial autobiographies.

Invite participants to join hands in a circle, and then to name one meaningful insight, idea, or gratitude they will carry with them from this time together. Share Reading 684 from Singing the Living Tradition. Extinguish the chalice.

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