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Find Out More, Workshop 10: Rise in the Sea — Universalism

In "Faith like a River," a Tapestry of Faith program

More Universalist Stories in this Program

Adin Ballou (1803-1890) — Universalist minister and founder of the Hopedale utopian community, Workshop 13

Quillen Shinn (1845-1907) — Universalist evangelist, Workshop 16

Winchester Profession (1803) — A Collection of Covenants and Statements of Belief, Workshop 7

The History of Universalism

Ballou, Hosea. A Treatise on Atonement, reprint (Boston, MA: Skinner House Books, 1986)

Cassara, Ernest. Universalism in America, Skinner House Books (Boston, MA, 1971)

Hitchings, Catherine F. Universalist and Unitarian Women Ministers (Boston, MA: UU Historical Society, 1985)

Howe, Charles A. The Larger Faith: A Short History of American Universalism (Boston, MA: Skinner House Books, 1993)

Miller, Russell. The Larger Hope (Boston, MA: Unitarian Universalist Association) Volume I, 1979; Volume II, 1985

Moore, Edward. Origen of Alexandria, The Internet Encyclopedia of Philosophy

Scott, Clinton Lee. The Universalist Church of America: A Short History (Boston, MA: Universalist Historical Society, 1957)

Williams, George Hunston. American Universalism (Boston, MA: Skinner House Books, 1976)

Research and Presentation of Congregational Histories

Coeyman, Barbara. Creating Congregational Histories, on the website of the Unitarian Universalist Historical Society

Knowing Where You've Been: Maintaining Records and Archives, in the online UUA Leaders' Library

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