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Participants (Spirit of Life)

Spirit of Life is designed for adult participants age eighteen and up. The workshops are equally suitable for a congregation's first-time visitors and its long-time members. To adapt a workshop for use with high school youth, leaders may need to revise some activities to make the concepts more concrete.

The program can accommodate any number of participants, with six participants an ideal minimum. Six or more participants allow you to divide the group into the pairs or triads that several activities require.

For a group of thirty or more, leaders will need to modify activities that involve small group presentations to the entire group. Co-leaders can split the whole group in half and facilitate in separate meeting spaces. The two, separate sets of small groups can then present simultaneously, each to their own half of the whole. Workshops with more than sixty participants will require further adaptation of some activities, including expansion of the leadership team.

Integrating All Participants

Leader Resource 1 from Workshop 1 offers tips to make the activities inclusive for all participants and accessible for people with particular cognitive, learning, and physical disabilities. In addition, some activity descriptions in the program include a section called Including All Participants, which includes specific suggestions for modifying that activity to meet particular accessibility needs.

The tips are not exhaustive. You may find they do not fully equip you to create a welcoming, accessible space for all of participants. The Unitarian Universalist Association website offers more information about accessibility for persons with disabilities—information that goes well beyond the recommendations listed in this program. Visit the UUA website and search the keyword "accessibility."

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This work is made possible by the generosity of individual donors and congregations. Please consider making a donation today.

Last updated on Wednesday, October 29, 2014.

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