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Implementation (Spirit of Life)

Each congregation has its own approach to structuring adult programs. Some congregations offer programs on Sunday mornings, gathering adults before the service, after the service, during a second service, or between two services. Other congregations offer adult workshops on Sunday afternoons or weekday evenings. Some offer single workshops here and there, others prefer to present workshops as a series. Some congregations charge money and require pre-registration for adult courses. Many congregations open their adult programs to all who wish to attend, regardless of whether they've attended previous workshops in a series.

Spirit of Life has a flexibility that allows you to offer it under any of these scenarios. The program design does not assume the same participants will come to each workshop. Each workshop offers activities that acknowledge and welcome newcomers. The one-hour workshop length fits readily with the time slot typically available for a Sunday morning adult program. A one-and-a-half hour workshop might better suit an afternoon or evening program. Congregations can use one of these workshops, a few, or all of them. Program leaders and congregational leadership can decide how the Spirit of Life program can best fit into the congregation's lifespan education program.

Making the Spirit of Life program accessible to a full range of a congregation's adults requires provisions for adults with children. It is strongly recommended that congregations offer Spirit of Life workshops during time slots when religious education programming and/or on-site childcare are available. Even with on-site childcare, evening workshops may still be a challenge for parents of young children whose bedtime comes before the workshop's end.

Evening workshops can also be a challenge for participants who don't drive, who don't drive after dark, or who live a long way from the congregation. Arranging for carpools can help.

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Last updated on Thursday, October 27, 2011.

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