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Resource 3 Sample Order of Service for Celebration of Elders

Resource 3 Sample Order of Service for Celebration of Elders
Resource 3 Sample Order of Service for Celebration of Elders




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Dear [participant’s first name],

Welcome to our From the High Hill group workshop, and congratulations! You will participate in an exciting and introspective process that will inform and support you as you rediscover your life and write your Odyssey. You will be encouraged to look at where you have been, where you are, and where you are going, including identifying those things you do not wish to leave undone.

Every life journey is a hero’s journey, and we look forward to hearing about yours.

You will be one of [number] participants, plus our facilitator, [facilitator’s name]. We will gather at [name and location of the first gathering place] on [date and time]. During this program, we will meet in member’s homes; an enclosure with this letter provides places, dates, and times. You will also find directions to our meeting place; what you need to bring with you; a list of required prep work; workshop agendas; and a taste of what to expect. Please take a moment to look over the enclosures. Be sure to call if you have questions or concerns.

Black Elk wrote about standing “on the high hill of my old age,” looking at a long view of his life in each of the great directions, and then re-telling his story. We each have the opportunity and the right to tell our own story for those who follow, a passing along of our legacy. Too many of today’s elders leave their stories untold. In the High Hill program, we will in some small measure begin to change that, in a lovely, hospitable setting with good-hearted, like-minded people. We anticipate your special participation and look forward to welcoming you!

[Signature of group organizer]                                         [Signature of facilitator]

Enclosures: [List the enclosures so participants can verify they have received them all!]

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