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Resource 2: Sample Participant Letter for Your Packet

Resource 2: Sample Participant Letter for Your Packet
Resource 2: Sample Participant Letter for Your Packet




City, state, zip

Dear [use first name],

Congratulations! And welcome to our High Hill group! You will be a participant in two exciting and introspective retreat weekends that will guide you as you research and write your life story and identify those things you do not wish to leave undone before you die. Together, our group will engage in activities that will help you develop and structure your reflection and writing. We will support one another through the writing process and be one's another's first audience for presentation of our Odysseys.

You will be one of [number] participants, plus our facilitator [use name] who will gather at [name of retreat center] on [date of first weekend] and [date of second weekend]. Between these two weekends you will write your Odyssey—your own life's journey—which you will present to the entire group on the second weekend. Enclosed with this letter, you will find:

  • Information on how to get to [name of retreat center]
  • A brochure from [name of retreat center]
  • A list of what to bring for the workshop
  • A brief biography of our facilitator
  • Our tentative agenda for the first weekend
  • Your "prep" work assignment (Note: Bring your prep work with you.)
  • Our evaluation form, to complete at the close of the program.

Black Elk spoke about standing "on the high hill of my old age," looking at the long view of his life in the four directions, and telling his story. Similarly, we each have the opportunity and the right to tell our own story, and to pass along this legacy to those who follow. So many of us leave our stories untold! In High Hill, we will begin to change that, in a lovely and hospitable setting with good-hearted, like-minded people. We anticipate and appreciate your participation.

Please take a moment to look over the enclosures and please call if you have any questions or concerns.


[names of group organizer and/or facilitator]

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