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Here are supplies you will need for the retreat weekends:

  • Centering table with chalice, candle and matches (if desired, and allowed at the site) or an LED battery-operated chalice, a table cloth, and bouquet of fresh flowers
  • Newsprint pads—the self-adhesive variety are the easiest to handle, though more expensive
  • Water-based marking pens, preferably odorless, with broad tips
  • Masking tape (or push pins if you are using a bulletin board)
  • Ice water, iced tea, juice, coffee, and other refreshments
  • A music player for the music (e.g., CDs) you plan to use
  • Lined pads of paper and writing implements
  • 3x5 self-adhesive note pads, one for each participant
  • A journal to give each participant
  • A copy of "Odyssey Writing: A Guide for Participants" (Chapter 3 of this resource) for each person. You may choose to put this in a small three-ring binder or a pocket folder.

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