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Alternate Activity 1: Button Pushing

Alternate Activity 1: Button Pushing
Alternate Activity 1: Button Pushing

Activity time: 10 minutes

Description of Activity

The purpose of this activity is to raise participants' awareness about their own stressors and consider how they react/respond to stress.

Ask participants to think about short answers to these questions:

  • As a congregational leader, what "pushes your buttons?"
  • What do you do when your buttons get pushed?

Allow participants a minute or so to find their answers. Then, invite them to move around the room and to share answers with others, one person at a time.

After five minutes, or when the activity slows down, call the group back together. Ask participants if they saw similarities or were surprised by their own or others' buttons or responses. Allow some discussion.

Now, ask them to consider what it is about themselves, not the button pushers, that makes their buttons "pushable." Invite any who wish to share their self-reflection to do so. Tell the group they may also wish to mull this question in the privacy of their own thoughts.

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