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Activity 2: Bodies of Water Guided Meditation

Activity 2: Bodies of Water Guided Meditation

Activity time: 15 minutes

Materials for Activity

Description of Activity

Invite participants to settle into a comfortable space for meditation. Tell them you will read a guided meditation to encourage awareness of the state of their spiritual and emotional selves, both currently and at other times in their lives. Say the goal is to help them connect more intentionally with what is life-giving and enables them to cope with myriad responsibilities and tasks.

Read aloud the guided meditation in Leader Resource 1.

After the meditation, invite participants to consider the ways in which the various bodies of water reflect their own experiences as human beings and as leaders. After about a minute, invite participants to turn to a partner and share their reflections for ten minutes. Offer these questions:

  • What discoveries did you make about yourself and your own journey?
  • Did you identify some circumstances which are life-giving and energizing for you? Some things that deplete you?

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