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Leader Resource 1: Forced Choices

Leader Resource 1: Forced Choices

Explain that you will ask participants to choose, from each of the following pairs, the one in which they have more trust, faith or confidence.

  • Internet weather forecast OR your own weather observation
  • Cold medicines OR home remedies to ease cold symptoms
  • Political website in line with your views OR nonpartisan news source
  • Personal preparedness for emergencies OR emergency help from family and friends
  • Your best judgment OR an expert's opinion
  • Going with the majority opinion OR waiting until all are in agreement
  • Those with financial skill OR those with artistic skill
  • Risk-takers OR those who are cautious
  • New ways of doing things OR what is tried and true
  • Human capacity for altruism OR human capacity for greed
  • Natural order of life and death OR modern medical practice that postpones death
  • Love of God OR human love

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