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Activity 4: Contemplating Choice through Poetry and Myth

Activity time: 30 minutes

Materials for Activity

  • Handout 2, The Road Not Taken
  • Handout 3, Eating of the Tree of Knowledge
  • Sheets of 12x18-inch poster board for all participants
  • A variety of magazines, papers and other items for a collage; glue and glue sticks; markers, colored pencils and crayons; and scissors (including left-handed scissors)

Preparation for Activity

  • Decide whether to use Handout 2 or 3 for this activity. Or decide to let participants choose between the two. Make copies of the handout(s).
  • Arrange the work area so participants have space to work and access to the collage materials.

Description of Activity

Ask for volunteer(s) to read the handout(s) aloud. If you have decided to offer a choice, ask two readers to read the two handouts.

Invite participants into a time of silent reflection focusing on the freedom and responsibility inherent in "choice." Tell them that after two minutes, they will be invited to work silently to create a collage that represents their response to the handout and to their own freedom and responsibility to make choices.

Allow participants to work for about 20 minutes in silence. Then, invite participants to form pairs to share their creations with another person.

Including All Participants

Be sure the art materials are within the reach of all participants. If any participant has a visual or mobility impairment that precludes their participation in a collage-making activity, use Alternate Activity 2.

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