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Leader Resource 2: Accessibilities Audit Scenario

Cut along the dotted lines to create six different "roles" for the fishbowl role play. Give each of the six volunteer players a different slip.


Player One: Chair of the Board. You are overwhelmed by this latest news, and very worried. There just doesn't seem to be any more money to be had from the congregation and the accessibility upgrades will be costly. You are afraid this will torpedo the whole project.


Player Two: You are angry with local government for imposing this on the congregation and believe they have no right to do so. Your attitude is that they should support the building repairs and upgrades the congregation is undertaking, rather than undermining them.


Player Three: You have arthritis in your hands and in your knees and sometimes find the front steps and the door handles difficult to negotiate. You are quiet about this difficulty and are not sure you are ready to share your experience with this group.


Player Four: You believe in your heart that making the congregation more accessible to those with mobility impairments is the right thing to do, and are convinced that a way can be found to do it. You are often seen as the "impractical" one in the group.


Player Five: You wonder if there is any practical way to financially manage the accessibility upgrades. From your point of view, the upgrades you have planned will benefit many people and accessibility upgrades only a few.


Player Six: You have been the representative to the building task force and you are exhausted. You have done all that you can do to get this project ready to the point where construction and renovation can begin — and now this!! You are discouraged and feeling unappreciated.

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