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Alternate Activity 1: Leadership and Management Alternate Scenario

Alternate Activity 1: Leadership and Management Alternate Scenario

Activity time: 35 minutes

Materials for Activity


Preparation for Activity

  • Prepare Leader Resource 3 according to directions.
  • Review material in Leader Resource 1 from Workshop 3.
  • Arrange seating in a "fishbowl": a tight circle of six chairs (or six chairs around a small table), with seating around the outside of the circle for remaining participants.
  • Write three questions on a sheet of newsprint, and post:
    • When is the group asking management questions?
    • When are they asking leadership questions?
    • How might this scenario become a turning point or moment of grace for the congregation?

Description of Activity

Conduct this activity exactly like Activity 3, Management and Leadership, substituting the scenario below for the one in Activity 3.

Your congregation's insurance company has informed you that you will no longer be able to purchase liability coverage unless you have a policy in place that addresses prevention of sexual abuse and misconduct, including the use of criminal background checks for volunteers and staff.

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