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Alternate Activity 1: UU University - What Leadership Is and Isn't

Gil Rendle speaks at UU University 2007 about "What Leadership Is and Isn't"

Activity time: 40 minutes

Materials for Activity

Preparation for Activity

  • Watch What Leadership Is and Isn't, a 19-minute presentation by Gil Rendle from UU University 2007.
  • Review Leader Resource 1 for a summary of the presentation.
  • Ready your DVD player or computer, projector and screen.

Description of Activity

This activity guides participants to distinguish between leadership and management.

Show the "What Leadership Is" chapter of the DVD in its entirety (19 minutes). Then, distribute Handout 2. Invite participants to turn to a partner and read the scenario. Wait for all pairs to finish. Then, say:

Given the information we have about First UU Anytown, we will create a list of questions that will guide this congregation to address its problems and move toward its goal. The questions should not seek more information to complete the scenario. Rather, let's come up with questions which ask, "Are we doing things right?" (management) and "Are we doing right things?" (leadership). For example, a management question might be, "How can we better furnish our building?" A leadership question might be, "Is our building adequate for our mission?" Let's compose some management questions and some leadership questions.

Take ten minutes to compile questions. Write each question on newsprint and lead the group to assign it a "L" or "M" for leadership or management.

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