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Handout 3: Faith Statement Worksheet

For Alternate Activity 2, Faith Statements.

Religious historian William Cantwell Smith wrote, "Faith at its best has taken the form of a quiet confidence and joy which enable one to feel at home in the universe."

Articulating your faith statement can help you better understand what has the utmost importance in your life and enables you to feel at home in the universe. There is no correct content or length. These suggestions may help you write your faith statement.

  • List what you consider to be your blessings.
  • Reflect on some difficult situations you have had to face. What enabled you to get through these situations?
  • What ultimately keeps you keeping on?

We are all involved in a journey, pilgrimage and spiritual quest, all our lives. We constantly seek to know the meaning of how we are in the world, of how the world is. As religious liberals, we seek and find that meaning without the usual trappings the other more conventional religions offer. Our faith is one we must develop ourselves, for ourselves. We alone decide what it is that we can affirm.

  • What can you affirm?
  • What gives you the quiet confidence and joy which enable you to feel at home in the universe?

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