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Activity 2: How I Became Unitarian Universalist

Activity time: 20 minutes

Materials for Activity

  • Newsprint, markers and tape
  • Optional: Poster(s), wallet cards or brochures which provide the Unitarian Universalist Principles and Sources

Preparation for Activity

  • If you do not have with a printed version of the Unitarian Universalist Principles and Sources, write them on newsprint and post.

Description of Activity

Participants reflect on and share their experiences of becoming, or growing up, a Unitarian Universalist, and learn about the paths others have taken.

Tell the group you will conduct a brief, interactive survey. Ask:

1. When did you become a Unitarian Universalist? (Invite participants to raise their hands to respond.)

  • from birth/as a child
  • as a teen
  • as a young adult
  • after I became a parent
  • in my middle years
  • after retirement

2. What was/were the religion/religions of your family of origin? (Invite responses one at a time.)

3. Which of the six Sources of Unitarian Universalism speaks most deeply to you? (Indicate the Sources you have posted or distributed. Name each Source in turn, and ask for a show of hands in response.)

Invite participants to move into groups of three to share their stories of becoming a Unitarian Universalist, or choosing to remain a UU if they were raised UU. Tell them they will each have three minutes. Announce three-minute intervals.

When all have shared, re-gather the group and invite volunteers to offer observations or insights from their conversations. Facilitate with these questions, as appropriate and as time allows:

  • What patterns do you see in one another's stories? What differences?
  • What, if any, fundamental difference do you see between those raised Unitarian Universalist and those finding our faith as teens or adults?
  • What difference(s) do you find between those who first became Unitarian Universalist primarily for their children and those who first became Unitarian Universalist primarily for themselves?

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