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Activity 4: Transparency (15 minutes), Workshop 12: Adaptive Leadership

In "Harvest the Power," a Tapestry of Faith program

Materials for Activity

  • Newsprint, markers and tape

Preparation for Activity

  • Post blank newsprint.

Description of Activity


"Transparency" is a word we hear often, usually as a demand for more clarity and accountability in the ways government officials and organizational leaders function. Transparency is an important concern for congregational leaders, as well. It means making sure you communicate to the people who authorize you to lead them. Those who authorize your leadership deserve to know the questions you are asking, the actions you are taking, and the reasons for decisions you make.

Invite participants to name some reasons clarity about the agenda and actions of leaders would be helpful in managing anxiety in the congregation's system. Ask for examples of times in their experience when more transparency and better communication would have allowed more effective leadership and a healthier congregation.

Invite participants to suggest concrete actions leaders can take to increase the transparency of leadership functions and decision-making. Write their suggestions on newsprint. For each action, ask how it can be part of a strategy to "give the work back to the people."

Suggest that participants use the list you have created to enhance a discussion about transparency during a leadership team meeting.

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Last updated on Saturday, October 29, 2011.

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